Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Take All of Our Money, American Girl

When I was growing up, just receiving the American Girl catalog was a big deal. Though I never owned one of the beautiful dolls, I loved transposing myself into the time periods of the books. History came alive to me through these stories. I was Kirsten Larson coming to America and working hard on the frontier; I was Samantha Parkington […]

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Mom's Night Out at Soma-Recap

Mom’s Night Out at Soma Intimates {Recap}

Our most recent Mom’s Night Out at Soma Intimates was a perfect evening! What better way to spend a chilly, grey, February evening than with lots of girlfriends, sweet snacks and delicious wine? Soma’s staff provided each guest with great customer service and attention, from personal fittings to professional advice, with a great bonus discount […]

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FLU season

Cheat Sheet to Flu Season

  The flu, the stomach bug, RSV, hand foot mouth, bronchitis, pneumonia — they have all been making their rounds this season. So much so, school was even cancelled. My household has been hunkering down for over a week and I wish, before my family succumbed to sickness, that I would have had a few […]

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Doesn't she look just perfect? How DOES she do it?!?

How to Stop Hating on THAT Mom

We all know THAT mom. Thanks to Facebook we don’t even have to actually cross paths with her on the regular to see her ah-mazing posts about her ah-mazing life. She has perfectly coiffed hair and perfectly dressed kids and the perfect house that’s just a teensy bit messy for those “oh, just doing some […]

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