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Take All of Our Money, American Girl

When I was growing up, just receiving the American Girl catalog was a big deal. Though I never owned one of the beautiful dolls, I loved transposing myself into the time periods of the books. History came alive to me through these stories. I was Kirsten Larson coming to America and working hard on the frontier; I was Samantha Parkington […]

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The Girl Who Loves Football

It’s fall. It’s a chilly, misty morning. The fog is heavy and ethereal, shadows and sunlight dapple the winding country road. I can hear cows bellowing, roosters crowing, trains shrieking and my dad whistling. I’m fourteen. My family (mom, dad and little sister) is on its way to Knoxville, because… It’s Football Time in Tennessee. I realize I am writing […]

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Why I Hate Fixer Upper

When I typed the title of this post, I immediately ducked as if rotten eggs were already being hurled at me. I fear the hate mail I will receive and perhaps should be concerned about my personal safety. I am not sure I can bear the weight of the fury and outrage sure to come upon me. When I picture Chip and JoJo reading the title […]

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Mom's Guide to Journaling FI

A Mom’s Guide to Journaling

I have always loved to write. Since becoming a mom, however, I can barely complete a thought let alone write. My brain is constantly spinning with a myriad of details: signing papers; packing snacks, lunches, school bags and a diaper bag; returning calls; finishing work-related tasks; planning the meals and activities; buying the groceries…you get the picture. If you read my Mommy Brain post, you may already understand […]

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