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Thanks is the New Giving

This is my favorite time of year! I love the weather, the colors, the smells, the fire pits, the s’mores, the clothes, and the boots (oh, I love boots). And I enjoy the holidays too. For many years I dreaded family functions, or should we call them dysfunctions? They were always so stressful, and unpleasant, […]

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Stories of Love: An Unexpected Fall

My husband Jeff and I lived in the same city, and ran the same streets for a while. I would see him run by with his group of guys and always admired their ability to run early, late, in the cold, the sweltering heat, and sometimes in the sprinkles…but they were just “older” dedicated men. […]

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No Haters Here

No “Haters” Here

As my children get older I am constantly correcting things so that as they age, they will have a solid and correct foundation. One of the things my five year old does is add “ed” to things for past tense. For example he says “I winned” instead of “I won” or “it goed” instead of […]

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My Best; Your Best; Different, Yes!

My Best; Your Best; Different, YES! We are all different, our schedules are different, our marriages are different, our kids are different, our expectations are different, our ideas are different, our experiences are different; WE are DiFfErEnT!! I have been reflecting on my life for a few months, but especially the last few weeks. My hubby and […]

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