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Thanks is the New Giving

This is my favorite time of year! I love the weather, the colors, the smells, the fire pits, the s’mores, the clothes, and the boots (oh, I love boots). And I enjoy the holidays too. For many years I dreaded family functions, or should we call them dysfunctions? They were always so stressful, and unpleasant, […]

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5 Tips to Stay Fit Through the Holiday by Planet Fitness

5 Tips to Stay Fit Through the Holidays

Staying true to our healthy habits during the holiday season can be one of the most challenging obstacles. With all of the delicious entrées and desserts, plus the chilly weather, it’s easy to choose to stay on the couch. However, it is possible to maintain your fitness goals throughout the holidays, and Planet Fitness has […]

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The Girl Who Loves Football

It’s fall. It’s a chilly, misty morning. The fog is heavy and ethereal, shadows and sunlight dapple the winding country road. I can hear cows bellowing, roosters crowing, trains shrieking and my dad whistling. I’m fourteen. My family (mom, dad and little sister) is on its way to Knoxville, because… It’s Football Time in Tennessee. I realize I am writing […]

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