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Jessi CMB

Hi everyone! I’m Jessi, and I was born and raised near Knoxville, TN, but my husband and I have made Chattanooga our home since 2009. I received a bachelor’s degree at Vanderbilt University (Anchor Down!), a master’s degree in criminology at the University of Pennsylvania, and a master’s degree in social work at the University of Tennessee. I love school and learning new things, and my family jokes that I am a professional student. After working for the state government and in the mental health field, I decided in 2015 to stay at home with my beautiful daughter, and I couldn’t be happier.

 When I am not doing mom things, my husband and I love to play pub trivia and take advantage of Chattanooga’s abundance of awesome restaurants and bars with friends. Other things I like include: sewing, watching bad TV, watching good TV, wearing active wear with no intention of working out, reading, doing crossword puzzles, and snuggling with my four pets. Also, I have been a member of the Junior League of Chattanooga since 2012, and I love the work the JLC does for our community!
I am so excited to be involved with Chattanooga Moms Blog as a contributor, and I look forward to meeting everyone at our great CMB events and playdates!



Hi, I’m Katie. Pleased to meet you! My husband Paul is a saint. St. Paul, haha! I obviously have a corny sense of humor that lends itself to my greatest talent: ALWAYS getting the jokes on Popsicle sticks and Laffy Taffy wrappers. I have three precious daughters, who love to play HARD! We are an active family, and we really enjoy all the beauty Chattanooga has to offer. I stay at home and do my best to make the most of these days when my girls are little.

I went to college in Knoxville at THE University of Tennessee during the time of AOL Instant Messenger and Top 25 football teams every year. I live Tennessee football! My family’s season ticket seats have been the same since the 1960s. My family history is shaded by the memories of the many games we have attended together.

Me: I love lamp light, fireplaces, socks and blankets. Fall is my favorite season, and I love to camp and hike. I also love to sew but have absolutely no time to do it!

If there is anything that motherhood has taught me, it is to never lose hope. On the hardest days, I press forward for the sake of my sweet girls, relying on the strength and grace that comes from my Savior.


Jessica CMB

Hi! I am Jessie, a 30-something stay-at-home mom and writer, editor, and blogger. My husband and I relocated to Chattanooga from Nashville in 2009 for him to teach at Baylor School. I’ve lived in Ohio, Indiana, and Virginia, but Tennessee is home sweet home now. We live on campus at Baylor, where my husband is a dorm parent and we enjoy the dining hall meals, pool, and gorgeous view of the Tennessee River!

I have three kids: a 7-year-old daughter and sons who are 3 and 5. When I’m not ignoring the housework for Food Network shows on demand, I’m shuttling them around to elementary school and preschool, gymnastics, PlayGym, and playdates. And trying to keep my 3-year-old from destroying everything we own.

After working for a few years in editing for LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, I “retired” to stay home with my daughter, but I continue to work for them and others on a freelance basis. I write for HomeLife and ParentLife magazines, work on the ParentLife blog, and have edited Bible studies and ebooks. I share about parenting, recipes, faith, and being an abysmal housekeeper at and published an e-devotional titled Parenting Parables in 2014. You can find me on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest, too.


Stephanie CMB

Hello everyone, I’m Stephanie; so excited to introduce myself and meet new mamas locally.  I am looking forward to starting my blogging adventure, sharing my family, and discussing some hobbies with all of you.  I’m a Chattanooga transplant, and an Atlanta girl born and raised.  I spent 18 years in the same town and graduated high school with people who were in my kindergarten class! I then graduated from Liberty University with an MBA about 30 days before finding out I was pregnant with my first kiddo. My husband and I have lived in Knoxville, Colorado Springs, Hilton Head Island, and even Nepal. We have only been in Chattanooga for 2.5 years, but I’m happy to be here.

My husband Jeff is amazing. We went on our first date three months before we got engaged and 5 months before we got married!!! We have been married for almost 5 years and it’s been great! I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom of three boys (triple gasp): Gabriel 4, Luke 2, Tytus 8mo.  Spending my days with my sons is humbling and gets wild, but it is by far the most rewarding mission I have ever taken on.

I’m passionate about being a mom and about seeing women thrive and grow. Several of my favored things are: my quiet times to grow into who I am created to be, family days, running with my hubby and kiddos (we push strollers and run.. those buggers ride), STARBUCKS, a sweet pair of boots, October–it’s my favorite month, and getting real with my friends. I am really looking forward to being a part of this Chattanooga Moms Blog team and getting to know you!


Ashley CMB

I’ve called Chattanooga home for most of my life, with a ten year break while I attended college at the University of Missouri and lived in Sydney, Australia. I was dumb enough to fall in love with and marry an Australian, and now I’ll be taking 15 hour plane trips for the rest of my natural life. That Australian and I have two little boys, Jack (born 2012) and Beau (born 2014). Once upon a time, I worked as a journalist, but now I stay home with the kids. Our days are spent going to the Aquarium or the Creative Discovery Museum, digging in the dirt, dumping every Lego and Duplo we own on the floor and watching Paw Patrol, during which I constantly wonder who taught these dogs to drive trucks and why Ryder doesn’t have any parents. I love cooking, baking, eating what I cook and bake, listening to podcasts about true crime that make my husband think I’m creepy and Bill Murray.


Stef CMB

Hello! I’m Stefanie, and I am incredibly excited to be here at CMB! I have a B.A. in English and I am a LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker) on work hiatus, but that’s only because I get to be at home right now working the best job ever: mama to 10-month old spunky and adorable Leon. My husband, Bobby, is my sun and stars, and our son is the air that I breathe.

Here are some things I do throughout my day when I’m not being followed by Leon : amateur crafts, sew, play video games, enjoy the outdoors, read, drink coffee, wine, and beer, cook (not bake!), binge-watch my Netflix stories, travel, and garden (poorly). I love anything vintage or retro, cats, proper punctuation, Sci-fi, scotch, Spring time, puns, daisies, Harry Potter, eating ALL the food (especially local), and trying not to gain ALL the weight!

I have lived all over, but I finally made my way to Chattanooga over eight years ago. This is officially the longest I have lived anywhere consecutively in my whole life! I adore this town with its small-town feel and big-town opportunities for exploration and adventures in outdoors, eating, drinking, music, art, playing, and learning. I can’t wait to share with all of my fellow mamas out there!


Greer CMB

Hey momrades! My name is Greer Caldwell and I am recent transplant to Chattanooga by way of Athens, GA (Go Dawgs!) following my brilliant husband for an amazing job opportunity in Dalton, Ga. We are thrilled to be living in Chattanooga, and have been especially excited about the many things to do with our three kids: Laine (6), Lawton (4), and Eloise (2). We feel that our family is not quite complete and are hoping to try for one last baby in the near future. I created my own major at Berry College, focusing on theatre, dance and sociology.  I’m fascinated by how the arts can impact people and being involved with the theatre community is one of my greatest passions. Learning to juggle that as a mom of three young kids is a challenge and a gift, and I am grateful that my husband supports and encourages me unfailingly. The Caldwell Clan loves travelling, making messes, eating snacks, and being out and about in our new hometown. I am eager to meet and share with fellow moms and am so excited to be a part of this community!


Sarah CMB
Hi! I’m Sarah Adcox, wife to SAHD Lee and mama to our wild child C who just turned 2.  I work as a Nurse Practitioner in a busy downtown Chattanooga ER and live just across the state line in North Georgia.  We love exploring the Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Nashville areas, looking for new favorite spots now that we are a family of 3.  I am a graduate of UTC and Vanderbilt, and have spent most of the past 20 years living in the Chattanooga area.
Lee and I are so lucky to be surrounded by our families in the Chattanooga area as well.  Having a SAHD husband and a built in village makes my never-ending quest for the perfect work/home/parent/spouse balance easier, but we still certainly have lots of (sometimes very unique) challenges. You can get a glimpse into our crazy by following us over at Parent of the Year.
My hobbies include coffee, wine, Scandal, pretending to be a runner, and playing trains.


Melissa CMB

Greetings!  I’m Melissa, and I am an East Tennessean through and through.  I grew up outside of Knoxville and came to college here in Chattanooga.  Despite a 3-year interruption of trying out the Nashville area, Chattanooga has my heart.  I love the mountains and water, the localized area, the personality of the city, and the small town feel that Chattanooga has to offer.

I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, the Urban Woodsman, for over 10 years, and we have two rambunctious boys – Owen (age 5) and Jude (age 3).  They are 19 months apart, and life with two that close in age is never dull!

I work full-time in higher education, and I love what I do!  I love working with others to help them solve their problems.  College was one of the best times in my life, and in some ways, I get to live it again at work every day!  I have worked full-time throughout my time as a mom, and that presents its own share of interesting experiences.

Motherhood has various forms as does family, and I am an equal opportunist when it comes to what being a mom should look like!  In an attempt for full disclosure, here are some answers to burning questions: 1) I work full-time, but am in full support of all moms (full-time working, part-time working, stay-at-home) because being a mom is hard work 2) we are not planning to have any more children 3) I mostly formula-fed both of my kids after attempts at breastfeeding 4) both boys are c-section babies 5) my kids are not vegetable eaters 6) I do occasionally spank my children 7) I do vaccinate.  Whew…

In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family, binge watch Netflix (I take recommendations), watch college football, spend time outside, and crack stupid jokes (sarcasm is my preferred language).  I love to write and I love to know what other moms are thinking, so this gig seems like the perfect balance!


Elizabeth CMB

:: Event Coordinator ::

Shoving my three boys under four years and my firefighting-husband outside to build and play together, I shut my bedroom door and sat down to write about myself. Wait, who am I now? It seems the last four and a half years have been a cacophony of needs that I am responsible for: diapers, eating, naps, clean noses, dirty laundry, dentist appointment, forgotten immunization appointments, ER trips always in the midnight hours; my individuality seems to have been swallowed into whatever person I am needed to be in the moment by my family.  A few traits have remained, which I suppose means they are the true pieces of my inmost nature. One, I adore a story, getting lost in an inviting documentation of someone else’s struggles, perspective and mystery.  After reading a particularly well written story, I can be caught pondering for days.  Two, paying full price for anything makes my stomach plummet, the guilt is felt for days. Most Saturdays before my third was born, our family was a yard/garage sales, and I always check Craigslist for furniture or appliance purchase. Three, I cannot abide a messy kitchen or unmade bed. I must be utterly exhausted if I go to bed with a sink full of dishes, and climbing in an unmade bed makes me cranky.

Writing is my release, my personal reminder to not take a sleepless night as an omen of the next ten years, my assurance to other Moms of Boys that drama is NOT absent from our home and my documentation that the lives I am helping to live are incredibly important and eternal.

I am not a Chattanooga native, but I have begun to love this city. I hope to explore it further and share my family’s journeys with you!


Brynn CMB

Hello! I’m Brynn, pronounce like “Brenda”, but without the “da”, and nope, it’s not short for Brenda.

I  grew up in Monroe, Louisiana, until I moved to Searcy, Arkansas for college. (Yeah, you’ve probably never heard of it). After I received my Bacheor’s degree in Nursing, I decided to move to Nashville, where I knewone person.  I couldn’t wait to experience the adventures of city life! And while I loved Nashville, I met my boyfriend on e-Harmony, and yup, we were marriend several years later!

I have lived in Chattanooga for just over 8 years now! I moved here in 2007, to be closer to my then boyfriend. I was single, a nurse who could easily get a job, and knew I really liked him. So I took the risk and moved to Chattanooga, where he was the ONLY person I knew. (Are you beginning to see a pattern?).  We were married three years later and now have two beautiful children and a dog.  My daughter is 3, going on 13, and my son is 6 months old, and adoring his big sis! Life is busy!  Between potty training and nursing, to sleepless nights, we stay busy, even though we attempt to not stay busy!

Besides being a part-time operating room nurse and attempting to be super mom and super wife (which, I know will NEVER happen!), I love learning (I know, what a nerd!).  I prefer to spend my time reading, and writing, and enjoying anything outdoors!

My number one passion is inspiring all women to realize that they are extraordinary and beautiful.  I want myself and all women to strive to live in extraordinary ways in our ordinary lives.  You can find me at, ExtraOrdinary Living writing on all sorts of things to help encourage you to live an extraordinary everyday life!  My website is a work in progress, so follow me to see what adventures lay ahead!

Photography by Show Me a Smile Photography



Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Lyons, I’m a 30-something gal who recently relocated to Chattanooga with my dreamy Husband and two wild boys, Raine and Jude. We’ve come to beautiful Tennessee to raise our boys after spending many years as struggling artists in sunny LA. My husband Craig (the comedian of the family and creator of the worst puns imaginable) refers to himself as a ‘recovering professional musician’. He’s turned full on genius code slayer and works downtown in the Innovation District. I hold an MFA from CalArts and love finding opportunities to unleash my inner theatre nerd and can sometimes be seen on the T.V pretending to know how to use a table saw or some other such silliness.  I’m a full time Mom and part time everything else — actor, writer, Barre instructor, amateur veggie home chef, and amateur gardener. We love good food, good company, live music and Netflix. I recently discovered that are just some days when I subsist entirely on wine and tortilla chips, and I’m pretty much OK with that.  Currently, life is simultaneously chaotic and beautiful in our house with two boys-3 and under. And though I miss sleep, using the bathroom without an audience, and eating warm meals, I wouldn’t trade these days for anything. I’m excited to be a part of the CMB team and share a little of our world, meet other Moms, and hear from all of you!




Hi everyone! I’m Tinamari, and when I was a little girl I had two dreams: to live in New York City and to be a mommy of twins. Turns out—dreams come true, just not in the way you expect! In 2007 I graduated from Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts and moved to the big apple to study Dramatic Writing at New York University. Life threw me a curveball in 2010 when I went from single college student to single mommy of…identical twin girls! A few years later another dream came true when I hit the jackpot in Vegas, meeting my dream guy who I am now happy to call my husband. 

When I’m not being pulled in opposite directions by my twincesses I am all over Pinterest, decorating my planner, stalking the latest Lilly Pulitzer release, and working as Director of Marketing and Social Media at a local therapy company. You can also follow me on 2plus1at21 to read more about the experiences of my single twin mommy days.




I’m Karenza, I’m a Chattanooga native by way of South Africa. I was born in Capetown and my parents moved here to Chattanooga when I was 8. Oh and I’m Indian. I went away to school, Knoxville and Johnson City, graduated with a degree in Biology from ETSU then ended up moving back home with my future husband, Brad. We bought a Fixer-upper in St. Elmo and then brought a new born baby home to it. She is 6 now and about to start first grade,  our Karin. Karin is our bold, little firecracker that keeps us on our toes. Brad has done 99% of the work himself he is a carpenter/owner of Woodtryst. I’m so lucky, if I can dream it he can make it (when he has time). We are still restoring our beautiful home and when I’m not going to playdates and sanding stuff I’m helping play matchmaker in real estate. Balancing things in life is the hardest struggle, but on days when I get it right it’s so worthwhile.



Hi there!  I’m Katie!  My husband and I were born and raised in the Nashville area (Franklin, TN), and moved here in 2012, so that he could go to UTC for Chemical Engineering.  I did NOT want to leave the lives we had been so used to back home, especially with a one year old and his two sets of grandparents we were leaving behind, but Chattanooga has absolutely grown on me since then!  We have had one more little boy, and have a daughter due in November.  The boys are now 5 and 3 years old, and love legos, board games, grilled cheese, and sprinklers!

I’m very active in a mom’s group I selfishly created as a forum for my endless parenting questions when we first moved here called Chattanooga Mamas.  We now have two other mom’s groups that spun off from the initial group for playdates and also for mom’s nights out, where we host craft nights (Pinterest nights) and other fun outings.  Meeting all the wonderful people from those groups, MOPs, and elsewhere is one of my favorite parts about life here in Chattanooga!

I dream of someday being an art teacher for kids (focusing mostly on clay), a gardener, or an author.  For now, I am quite content with just being mom, aside from all the cooking it requires!  I’m working on that one!



I am a Chattanooga mom to three kids.  I grew up in Chattanooga and enjoying everything the city has to offer.  It has been so much fun to see it grow and change over time.  I graduated from Baylor in 1999 then moved to Nashville where I spent four years at Vanderbilt University and graduated with a BA in Political Science in 2003.  I decided I wanted to go to dental school near the end of my time at Vanderbilt, so I returned to Chattanooga to attend UTC for a year.  I was able to take the science classes for dental school and was also lucky to be able to walk on and play tennis for the UTC women’s tennis team here.  After my year back in Chattanooga, I moved to Memphis where I attended UT College of Dentistry for four years and received my dental degree in 2008.  I also met my husband, Brian, in dental school!  We were in the same class, so we both finished up at the same time.

When we finished dental school, we moved to New Orleans where he did an orthodontic residency at LSU.  We lived there for two years, and I worked as a general dentist.  I decided I really loved working on kids so I applied to a pediatric dental residency and was accepted at UT.  Two weeks after my husband finished up at LSU Orthodontics, I started my two year residency in pediatric dentistry, and we were back in Memphis again.

I finished up there (and had our son, Cooper, in the middle of the first and second year of residency), and we headed to Chattanooga to FINALLY settle permanently.  I am working as a pediatric dentist and my husband as an orthodontist in the area.  We have been here for a little over four years and have had two more kids.  We now have Cooper (5), Caroline (3), and Lucy (1) and two dogs, and we live in North Chattanooga.  We love the area and everything that it has to offer, and I love being home and close to family.  We enjoy being outside and we love dining out in Chattanooga.  It has been fun to see how much the city has grown and changed in just the time we have been here.



Years ago, I sailed with the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship to war-torn countries in West Africa. I wrote stories by day, but I spent my evenings wandering the deck, wondering if I would ever tie a knot that wasn’t attached to a lifeboat. And then I met my husband.

‘The Sailor’ and I navigated through five years of long distance dating between several continents before we finally got hitched. We still spend months apart at a time, but thankfully we live in an era where technology still tethers us together. We landed in Chattanooga via South Africa and Pennsylvania, because we wanted four seasons, a mild winter, a creative vibe and easy access to a major international airport.

Having a baby was pretty far off of my radar, but these days I’m a toddler-wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding and cloth diapering stay-at-home advanced maternal aged mama to the Peanut. Our son came along in the summer of 2014, after the Sailor and I had been married for nearly eight years.

We haven’t slept since. Even if the Peanut actually sleeps, I stay up way too late reading, writing and making plans to start up a small business selling hand-knit slippers mainly because I love yarn. And slippers.

I’m also slightly obsessed with handbags and luggage (possibly attributed to the fact that I didn’t own any furniture until my mid-30s), vintage Pyrex, our Breville Barista espresso maker, the brawny South African sailor I met onboard the ‘Love Boat’ and of course the Peanut. Not necessarily in that order.

Nowadays, I may no longer wander the decks of a ship, but you can often find me chasing after my son at Coolidge Park, the zoo or the library. You can also find me online and read more about my adventures both pre- and post-Peanut at:



I am Jama, a stay-at-home homeschool mama of four boys and wife to a software developer. I grew up in Johnson City, TN and spent a couple of years at UT-Knoxville, gaining more social experience than education. The Lord had a plan, though, and after returning to Johnson City and enrolling at ETSU, I met my future husband. We were engaged three months after our first date and married in just over nine months. I finally finished my degree in 2006 (a BA in Philosophy, because I’m super practical) and found out 6 days later that we were expecting our first baby.

I always wanted to be a mom and it is everything I thought it would be and more. I am encouraged, exhausted, always learning, and most days afraid that I’m screwing it all up.

We are new to Chattanooga, but already feel right at home in this hi-tech, outdoorsy, family-friendly city.

I love Jesus, my family, running, weight-lifting, coffee, wine, ice cream, sunshine, comfortable clothes, a clean house (stop laughing), and those rare moments when all my boys are snuggled up with me as we read a good book. I am confident that one day I will get a full night’s sleep and I hope that’s before my boys leave for college.

You can check out my fitness journey at or meet me at the Hamilton Y at 5am most days of the week.

Ashley S.

Ashley Stein

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley. I was born and raised in Dalton, GA, but I started attending GPS in the seventh grade, so I’ve always considered Chattanooga to be my home. After graduating college at UGA, I had wanderlust and moved around a bit, from Reno, NV to NYC for several years, but I somehow knew I would always end up back in Chattanooga. For me, it has so much to offer, and since I’ve been back, I have loved watching it grow and change into a place with even more charm and culture than before I left.

My husband and I actually met and became good friends in high school. When I moved back to Chattanooga, we reconnected, started dating, and got married two years later. Our son was born in 2013, so most of our time is spent trying to keep up with a bright, energetic 3 year old. We love exploring Chattanooga as a family, and my husband’s hobby is photography, so most weekends you can find us walking around downtown, hiking through the Battlefield, or wandering around a local park, looking for new places to shoot.

I am currently staying at home with our son, so most days we like to get out to the Aquarium, the park, or the Creative Discovery Museum. As for me, I enjoy drinking coffee and listening to podcasts. I love stand-up comedy and road trips, fall and football season. My perpetual quests are finding restaurants that have great ambiance and searching etsy for my next novelty t-shirt. Oh, and my biggest pet peeve is glitter. I think it’s really important that you know that.



Hi! I’m Chelsea. I find it so funny that I am writing a bio for Chattanooga Moms Blog because until April 1, 2015, I swore up and down I would never have kids. April Fools Day will always have a place in my heart because that’s when I learned I was really pregnant. No joke. Now I’m the mom to a wild-haired, always happy little girl named Grayson or Gray Baby for short.

I moved to Chattanooga in 2007 from West Tennessee to attend UTC. By the time I graduated in 2011, I knew I wanted to call Chattanooga my permanent home. I am a two-time Moc after graduating in 2011 with a Communication degree and again in 2014 with my Master’s in Public Administration. I currently work for the City of Chattanooga in Mayor Berke’s Office. I love working for the public sector and especially love working in an office that makes a family-friendly workplace a focus. Grayson can be found playing in my office floor when her daycare is closed or I have to run back to the office after work hours. If I didn’t love public service so much I would be a makeup artist which I get to do on spare weekends for weddings and events.

Becoming a first time mom and working mom without much forethought has been a learning experience for sure. I hope that my struggles and lessons can be shared with other moms here in Chattanooga. I definitely believe that it takes a village when it comes to raising a child and my village is pretty fantastic. Between my husband, biological sister, lots of sorority sisters from UTC, coworkers, and other friends, I have a lot of help and support.

My family and I love to spend time (aka nap and cuddle) with our two rescue dogs, Munch and Shay, go kayaking and hiking around Chattanooga, and try to figure out what the heck we are doing as parents. I’m sure a lot of you can relate.



Hi, I’m Rhonda! I’m from Ringgold, Georgia. I attended the University of Georgia (go DAWGS!), where I met my husband, Dave.  He makes me laugh—a lot, and he reminds me that it’s perfectly okay to just be me.  We relocated to Ringgold from Atlanta about five years ago and couldn’t ask for a better place to raise our three incredible children. We love God and are trying our best to model His love to them. The majority of our free time is spent cheering for our kids at volleyball, basketball and soccer games, and swim meets—whew!  It’s where friendships form and we feel the most a part of our community.

In college, I majored in English, and I knew from the start I wanted to teach.  I spent the past 15 years teaching middle and high school English. This year is my first as a Media Specialist which seems like a natural progression. I’ve always had a fascination with the written word and I hope to write a book one day, so being surrounded by books and sharing my love of reading with students is a dream job.

In what spare time I have, look forward to time outdoors to connect with nature.  It’s where I feel the most at peace and the closest to God.  So, if I’m not at the ball field, chances are you may see me out hiking trails or perusing the aisles of Barnes & Noble or McKay’s.  Life is good, and I am thankful.



Hi, I’m Christy. I was born and raised in and around Chattanooga and have been in the area all my 30-something life. I am married to John and am a mother to two handsome boys. Our family also has 7 pets. One dog, one cat, and 5 chickens.  We live in the ever famous Soddy Daisy and enjoy being a part of a small community.

I am a lover of coffee and books. Jesus. The UT Vols. Kayaking, hunting, fishing, photography, traveling, and working out. Fall is my most favorite time of the year….football, pumpkin spice, blankets, and bonfires.

Elizabeth Deal

Elizabeth CMB

Hello, Beautifuls! (I believe all Moms need to remember how beautiful they are – always! So, I like to start my greetings as reminders of the beautiful person you are inside and out.) My name is Elizabeth, and I am a wife, mother, “bonus” mom (Saying, “Stepmom,” makes me think I need to paint my face green and grow a huge wart on my nose. Therefore, I use the term “bonus” mom. 🙂 ), daughter, sister, friend,  freelance writer, Notre Dame fan, BRAVO addict, Starbucks lover, once-a-week cryer, and a “little bit” of a worryer (Anyone who knows me is probably laughing right now at the fact I said, “little bit.” LOL).

I moved to Cleveland, TN, (or “CleVegas” as some call it) when I was five-years-old and graduated from Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga in 2001. After attending Auburn for a while, I returned to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where I earned a B.A. in English: Writing with a minor in Communications. From copywriter to assistant managing editor to managing editor to technical writer to freelance writer, I moved my way through the writing industry. However, I always felt something was missing. Fortunately, in January 2014, I found the missing piece to my puzzle.

My husband, Dustin, and I were married in May 2014 (When you know, you know!), and with him came two gorgeous girls, Autumn (born 2001) and Ashlynn (born 2003). We quickly added to our family, and in April 2015, Mr. Easton Michael graced us with his presence and completed our family. Our two teenage (Ahh!!!) daughters and son (Who definitely makes his presence known at ALL times.) keep us on our toes – and I couldn’t be more grateful for them!

When I am not putting my two cents in over here at CMB, I am writing for an amazing company, Social Joey. My favorite pastime includes sitting in my comfy bed, sipping a Starbucks, catching up on my Real Housewives (I would love to be Bethenny’s assistant!), and shopping for more LuLaRoe!




Raised in Ringgold, GA, I have always considered myself a near enough resident of the “big city”, Chattanooga. Through various moves, I have found myself living right next door to the house I grew up in. While my family’s physical address is not in Chattanooga, most of our days are spent traveling the short drive up 75 North.

Staying home to raise and school three children, ages 9, 4, and 3 has been an adjustment from my lifelong dream of being a motivational speaker/super model/teacher/doctor/writer. Can you tell that I’m a bit of a dreamer? Despite those titles not being official or adding any letters to the end of my name, I have found that the big dreams we have as little ones weave their way into our adult lives. For this reason, I am always encouraging my children to dream big. 

My husband and I were high school sweethearts but separating prior to our college years. My family raises cattle and are contractors; all are business owners like myself. However, my husband went on to pursue a career in any type of design he could put his talents to. He is now the lead animation designer for Level 2 Design (he draws things then makes them move). After a brief separation of three years- a time where I had a son, married, and was widowed- we began dating again. Marrying at the beautiful Lindsay Street Hall then honeymooning at Stone Fort Inn, we started our forever together!

Quickly building a family from three to five within a span of 23 months post honeymoon left us in a whirlwind. With fear of “losing myself” in post homebirth recovery, cloth diapers, and minimal adult conversion, I attached myself to the paper of a journal. 

While I still love to write silly poems and have daydreams of speaking to massive amounts of people, I don’t believe I will ever be tied down to a profession of writing or public speaking. I like that the current titles of wellness educator, blogger, homeschool and homebirthin’ Momma, and Bible study leader/teacher offer flexibility. At the current age of 27, I am learning to listen more and talk less. Sounds simple, but in this day I believe people just want to be heard. There are many things I am passionate about in life. To narrow them down, I am a strong advocate for maternal support, the family dinner table, and being kind.



Eleven years ago I was a newlywed living in the panhandle of Florida. Originally from Ohio, I missed watching the seasons change, and was getting sick of dodging hurricanes. I was ready for a change. When my husband Adam was offered a job in Chattanooga our first thought was…where is Chattanooga?!? We pulled out an atlas (yes, I am 100 years old) and charted a course. 
While he endured a 4 hour interview process I was dropped off in the Bluff View Art District with no car and no idea how to entertain myself. I stumbled into Tony’s and had an amazing lunch, took a coffee to go from Rembrandt’s next door, walked up the street to the Hunter Museum of American Art, strolled across the Walnut Street Bridge and finished my afternoon at the Aquarium. I was sold. Two weeks later we made Chattanooga our home.

Over the past decade we’ve added two dogs and two kids to our family. When I’m not busy keeping my humans alive I work as a freelance writer and Author. This year I accomplished a pretty big life goal, publishing my first book 100 Things to Do in Chattanooga Before You Die. I’m excited to join the team at Chattanooga Mom’s Blog and share my passion for the Scenic City. If you want to follow my exploits in and around the town check out my blog, or connect with me on Twitter and Instagram.