Lost in Motherhood

Lost in Motherhood?

A couple of years ago, I had an interesting interaction with a first-time mother-to-be. Before you think I have achieved a miracle in remembering an interaction I had years ago, let me assure you: I only remember it because I wrote it down. My brain is as fried as yours, my friend. This particular morning, […]

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Wiping Front to Back and Other Shifty Lessons I’ve Taught My Kids

There are deep, valuable lessons at each stage of life despite seemingly menial tasks that should just be grasped onto. Still, I find myself asking my ten-year-old, “Did you even wash while you were in the shower for thirty minutes?!” I am not sure of your parenting style, but I take great comfort in those […]

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Two Feels Like Ten

Two Feels Like Ten

When my first daughter was about 18 months old, I took her into a local juice bar. As I was placing my order, she proceeded to roll all over the floor and giggle as if it were her own house. With all of the other people around, I was a little embarrassed and even apologized […]

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The Blackiston Family

Life with Eight

Meet Stephanie Blackiston. Stephanie is from Northeast Tennessee but currently lives near Chattanooga with her husband of 16 years, Tim, and their eight children, whom she homeschools.  She loves being a wife and a mother. Stephanie also has a passion and a mission of studying and using the Bible to encourage young women and mothers […]

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