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When Mom is the Student

I started college the fall after graduation just like you’re “supposed” to. I moved out of my home and into a TINY dorm room with a complete stranger on the campus of a Christian college. I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I was expected to […]

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Am I Qualified for This?

Am I Qualified for Parenting?

We all have those moments in mommyhood where we question ourselves. Did I give the right advice? Did I give the right punishment for the crime? Am I holding my kids’ hand too much or not enough? For me lately the question has been, “Am I really qualified for parenthood and all it entails?” Being […]

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Homeschooling The Preschool Years

Homeschooling: The Preschool Years

I fancy myself a “seasoned” homeschool mom. I’m now on my fourth child beginning his homeschooling journey, which gives me one in preschool, one first-grader, one fifth-grader, and one sixth-grader. My oldest is always my guinea pig, whether we like it or not. I most often see what works with him, then try to replicate […]

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Motherhood 101_

Motherhood 101: Advice from an Old Amateur

I only have one child, but I’m still a professional mom. I mean, really, anyone who calls themselves an actual mom should automatically be classed as a pro, right? However, the interwebs tell me that professionals (at least when you’re referring to athletes) are people who get paid for their gig and last I checked, […]

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The Mathnasium 2

Kids Don’t Hate Math

As you can imagine, as the proprietor of a math learning center, I spend a fair bit of time interacting with new students who are somewhat reluctant to think they could ever enjoy mathematics. Usually some ice breaking is necessary, and I find it’s always helpful to start a conversation with topics a person likes […]

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The Only Advice You Really Need About Potty Training(1)

The Only Advice You Really Need About Potty Training

Defending my graduate thesis, swallowing radioactive iodine, giving birth, surgery, potty training. These are, in order of least to most, the things that I’ve been most apprehensive about in my 32 years of life. Am I being dramatic? Absolutely. But because I’m now on the other side of this mountain, I thought I’d share a […]

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You are important, kid

You are Important, Kid

You see a tiny toddler pitching a fit; a pre-teen rolling their eyes; a teenager spinning their car tires after you shortened their curfew by thirty minutes. “You better enjoy this now. Because soon they’ll be gone!” comes the unsolicited advice from a stranger. “Well, good. Gone is better than this trouble right now,” you […]

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