5 Ways to Design a Beautiful, Affordable Nursery

Whether it’s your first or your fifth, you want your coming baby to have a beautiful, cozy, safe place to call home. So in the midst of nursery dreaming, you go to Pinterest or Instagram and see all of these gorgeous, professionally designed baby rooms that not only look way out of your skill level, […]

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Succession of Genders (2)

Succession of Genders

I’m fully aware that some women may never have thought through what the gender of their baby would be. As a little bit of a deep thinker, I remember pondering the gender of my first child. It was such an inconvenient time to be pregnant: 18 years young, fresh out of high school, with a […]

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Bye Summer Boredom

Bye-Bye Summer Boredom {Easy Tricks & 50+ Fun Ideas}

Summer is nearly here and school is almost out! Your kids will breathe happily for a good week before they suddenly become bored. Before you know it, they will utter that dreaded repeated phrase “I’m boreeeed” and look to you for ideas or ask you to take them somewhere. As parents, we know it’s expensive […]

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