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How to be a Savvy Secondhand Shopper

How to be a Savvy Secondhand Shopper: Thrifting Tips from a Self-Proclaimed Professional

The week before I started kindergarten, I had one outfit to my name. ONE. My father had been laid off from his job, and whatever hand-me-downs I had from my older brother, no longer fit. Somewhat miraculously, my mother discovered a thrift store that had recently opened in the basement of someone’s home, and she […]

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Buying for Baby Without Breaking the Budget: How to Do This Mom Thing Cheaply

Over a decade ago, I met a young woman in Ukraine literally due at any minute with her first baby. Her parents and husband bubbled over with enthusiasm for the forthcoming child. She asked if I wanted to see ‘the room,’ so I followed her up the stairs, where she showed me a small bassinet […]

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Stories of Love: The Love Boat

Some called it the Love Boat. To the people we served, it was known as the big white ship. I simply called it home. Officially though, her name was Anastasis, a Mercy Ship offering free medical surgeries and humanitarian aid in West Africa. They say you can hear the ocean calling. For years, I wanted […]

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