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This is a screen shot of me actually playing fortnite. I'm not kidding. I played the game to get a screen shot.

In Defense of Fortnite

I know, I know. Put down your pitchforks. Screen time for young children is the modern-day equivalent of giving your kid a sip of beer, but hear me out. We’ve all seen the studies: too much screen time is bad. How much is too much? No idea. Is certain screen time better than others? Maybe. […]

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Homeschooling The Preschool Years

Homeschooling: The Preschool Years

I fancy myself a “seasoned” homeschool mom. I’m now on my fourth child beginning his homeschooling journey, which gives me one in preschool, one first-grader, one fifth-grader, and one sixth-grader. My oldest is always my guinea pig, whether we like it or not. I most often see what works with him, then try to replicate […]

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Just out here looking for my village

Where’s the Village?

There was a time when I would just nod and smile when someone would say, “It takes a village!” “Sure, sure,” I’d think to myself. “I’m pretty rock solid on my own.” What I didn’t know was that I had a village. I had a built-in support system that I took for granted. I had […]

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