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Embracing Awkward

My most recent post, Embracing Average, is an attempt to take my status in life and understand it more fully. I am average, and I do not see that changing anytime soon. As I’ve come to learn, average is nothing to be ashamed of, and so I’m taking aim at some of my other attributes […]

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Embracing Average

I’ve really cornered the market on average. I’m married, with a three bedroom, two bath house, two kids and one dog. I work in education, my husband works in IT, and we make a decent living for our family. It’s basically dead center of your average life. I’m moderate in most of my beliefs as […]

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Theme Day Craze

Theme Days Craze

I’m tired, you guys. Wacky Wednesday was the final tipping point. We picked out an outfit, talked through the details, and I made sure he would be comfortable (because that is the number one factor in our house). Then, school was canceled Wednesday because of weather. Wacky Wednesday was rescheduled to happen on Thursday, and […]

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