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how to not be that girl

How to Not be *That Girl*: Direct Sales Edition

*Disclaimer: I sell clothes via a direct sales company with my mom and sister. We have an awesome time doing it and we collectively make an extra few thousand dollars each month. This is NOT typical, and this is NOT an advertisement for whatever it is I sell (wouldn’t you like to know? :-). I consider […]

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A Few of My Favorite (Pregnancy) Things

As I (and several of my CMB cohorts) near the home stretch of our current pregnancies, I’ve been thinking about how different this round has been than pregnancy with my first bambino. Maybe I’m used to the exhaustion that is parenting a wild and crazy toddler boy and just don’t have the time (or energy) […]

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Chattanooga Toddler Bucket List

Chattanooga Toddler Bucket List: Fall 2016

I know, I know. Bucket list? For a toddler? Don’t we have enough lists of things to do? You know I love a good list and a plan to get it done, so I thought I’d share our old favorites and some new fall activities that we’re looking forward to checking out soon in the […]

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