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The Art of Single-Tasking

As women, we like to brag that we are multitaskers by nature, and it’s true. We innately have an advantage over men according to many recent studies which can be attributed to our biology and ancestors. Many years ago both men and women were hunters and gatherers, but as civilization progressed, a division in responsibilities […]

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5-Day Nursing Strike

The 5-Day Nursing Strike

When we were planning the arrival of our second daughter last year, I had lot of concerns. Adjusting to life with two kids and moving were the two big worries that kept me up some nights — nursing was not one of those concerns; I felt like a pro in that department.  About two days […]

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Two Feels Like Ten

Two Feels Like Ten

When my first daughter was about 18 months old, I took her into a local juice bar. As I was placing my order, she proceeded to roll all over the floor and giggle as if it were her own house. With all of the other people around, I was a little embarrassed and even apologized […]

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Maumau’s Heavenly Hash: Recipe Makeover {Series}

My grandmother, or Maumau as we know her, turned 90-years-old this month. Being from South Louisiana, my earliest memories of her revolve around food. We would visit her on Sunday afternoons for supper in her small house outside of New Orleans for the most delicious homemade meals. As we walked in the door smells of […]

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Top 10 Items You Need for Baby #2

Top 10 Items You Need for Baby #2

You survived life with your firstborn. Your family is growing once again, and so is your to-do list! If you’re like me, you started your registry for your first child at the ripe stage of 12 weeks gestation. I subscribed to Consumer Reports, read all of the parenting blogs and reached out to my experienced […]

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