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Top 6 Reasons a Lookouts Game is the Perfect Way to Spend a Summer Day #chattanoogaactivities

Top 6 Reasons a Lookouts Game is the Perfect Way to Spend a Summer Day

With summer officially upon us and the kids all out of school, families all over the Chattanooga area are searching for fun ways to pass the time, and what better way to do that than to head on over to AT&T Field to catch America’s favorite pastime with the Chattanooga Lookouts baseball team. Here are […]

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Empty Pockets, Full Hearts

Ten months ago I quit working my paying job. And now we’re basically poor. Let’s go back a little bit. When my son was born, I took twelve weeks of maternity leave then returned to work for two months before deciding (with my husband) to quit work indefinitely. I just couldn’t get right in my […]

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Chattanooga Summer Survival Guide: Outdoor Activities that Beat the Heat

Gorgeous summer weather in the Tennessee Valley has us all itching to get outside, but it’s just SO. HOT. What’s a parent to do when the first words out of her child’s mouth every-single-morning are “Outside, mama?” Charlie and I have gathered a list of some of our favorite outdoor activities in the area that can […]

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Mom's Guide to Journaling FI

A Mom’s Guide to Journaling

I have always loved to write. Since becoming a mom, however, I can barely complete a thought let alone write. My brain is constantly spinning with a myriad of details: signing papers; packing snacks, lunches, school bags and a diaper bag; returning calls; finishing work-related tasks; planning the meals and activities; buying the groceries…you get the picture. If you read my Mommy Brain post, you may already understand […]

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