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Bye Summer Boredom

Bye-Bye Summer Boredom {Easy Tricks & 50+ Fun Ideas}

Summer is nearly here and school is almost out! Your kids will breathe happily for a good week before they suddenly become bored. Before you know it, they will utter that dreaded repeated phrase “I’m boreeeed” and look to you for ideas or ask you to take them somewhere. As parents, we know it’s expensive […]

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Dear Paw Patrol,

Dear Paw Patrol, I Am SO Over You

Dear Paw Patrol, Hi, it’s me, Jessie. You may remember me from that time I asked you a bunch of questions. Which you still haven’t answered, so thanks for that. Let’s start with how you ruined my Christmas. The only thing my then four-year-old son wanted was the Sea Patroller. In case you haven’t noticed, […]

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I'm Raising a Cactus

I’m Raising a Cactus: Ways Gardening is Similar to Motherhood

Gardens are a lesson in life, especially life as a mother. A gardener — not unlike a mother — must have patience, must care for each plant, must listen and examine each plant and care for it as best as possible. Unfortunately, our kids don’t arrive with garden tags telling us whether they prefer shade […]

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