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My Best; Your Best; Different, Yes!

My Best; Your Best; Different, YES! We are all different, our schedules are different, our marriages are different, our kids are different, our expectations are different, our ideas are different, our experiences are different; WE are DiFfErEnT!! I have been reflecting on my life for a few months, but especially the last few weeks. My hubby and […]

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Why I Hate Fixer Upper

When I typed the title of this post, I immediately ducked as if rotten eggs were already being hurled at me. I fear the hate mail I will receive and perhaps should be concerned about my personal safety. I am not sure I can bear the weight of the fury and outrage sure to come upon me. When I picture Chip and JoJo reading the title […]

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Conscious Coupling

Children change us in so many incredible ways. It’s often said that you’ll never know love like the love a parent has for a child. “Just wait,” people say, “it’s not easy but it’s the best thing around because they make you a better person.” What a beautiful dream life it seemed to be in […]

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