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You're Probably an Ambivert

You’re Probably an Ambivert

No one who knows me would peg me as an extrovert. When I told my parents that I’m actually an extrovert based on the true definition of the word, they balked at the idea. I’m quiet and reserved, I don’t like ordering food at restaurants, and I shy away from confrontation and saying hi to […]

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Motherhood 101_

Motherhood 101: Advice from an Old Amateur

I only have one child, but I’m still a professional mom. I mean, really, anyone who calls themselves an actual mom should automatically be classed as a pro, right? However, the interwebs tell me that professionals (at least when you’re referring to athletes) are people who get paid for their gig and last I checked, […]

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You are important, kid

You are Important, Kid

You see a tiny toddler pitching a fit; a pre-teen rolling their eyes; a teenager spinning their car tires after you shortened their curfew by thirty minutes. “You better enjoy this now. Because soon they’ll be gone!” comes the unsolicited advice from a stranger. “Well, good. Gone is better than this trouble right now,” you […]

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Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe

My feelings regarding personal safety changed when I became a mother. The instinctual “mother bear” emotions came to life, but at the same time my easy-going personality was challenged to decide whether I was overreacting or dutifully protecting my children. Even more interesting, my awareness of my surroundings seemed to lessen when I was alone. […]

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