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Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe

My feelings regarding personal safety changed when I became a mother. The instinctual “mother bear” emotions came to life, but at the same time my easy-going personality was challenged to decide whether I was overreacting or dutifully protecting my children. Even more interesting, my awareness of my surroundings seemed to lessen when I was alone. […]

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A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

Not the movie. But I do turn into a scary, sound-hunting momster during my son’s quiet time. We didn’t always do quiet time, but it became a life-or-death situation for my sanity. So, as of two weeks ago, we do quiet time every. single. day. A few months before my son turned three, he decided […]

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Mom with Children

Caring for Tricycles to Wheelchairs :: Moms Caught in the Middle

I watched my friend’s profile as she spoke. The subtle way she bowed her head. Her nearly translucent eyelashes blinking away the afternoon sunlight. Her hands silently wrapping and unwrapping a Kleenex. Comforting and caring for a friend was the easiest thing in the world for Lena. I was moved by her voice, the words […]

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Friendships After Babies

The Survival Rate of Friendships After Babies

It is next to impossible to comprehend how becoming a parent changes your life. I never dreamed how it would enrich my relationship with my mom. It tested and ultimately affirmed my relationship with my husband. I was surprised how it would change my friendships. Adding babies into friendships can test the bond, especially when one friend has babies and […]

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