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Succession of Genders (2)

Succession of Genders

I’m fully aware that some women may never have thought through what the gender of their baby would be. As a little bit of a deep thinker, I remember pondering the gender of my first child. It was such an inconvenient time to be pregnant: 18 years young, fresh out of high school, with a […]

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When Twins Vanish: My Miscarriage Memory

I never thought I would have a miscarriage. Then again, I never thought I would have a child, either. I knew from a young age that my mom had miscarried once, before she’d had my older brother. They didn’t have the term rainbow baby at the time, but that’s exactly what he was. As a […]

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Imposter Syndrome: Motherhood Edition

The phrase “imposter syndrome” describes a person’s feelings of being a fraud despite that person being competent for the role being questioned. You might have experienced imposter syndrome when you were promoted in the workplace or accepted into a new organization. What about in motherhood? My story is one I’ve written about before; I never […]

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birthday parties

How to Throw the Perfect Birthday Party

My daughter Karin just celebrated her 8th birthday; her request was to have a sleepover. I am a sucker when it comes to birthdays — I have a hard time saying no. The planning and preparation begin immediately and I tend to go overboard, trying way too hard to make everything perfect. When you have […]

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