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Moms Should Never Say Never

Never Say Never

Listen.  I am not a parenting expert by any standard, but there definitely was a point in time where I thought I was getting pretty close. When I had my first baby, I had just endured nine months of unsolicited advice and horror stories from every person I encountered. All of that on top of […]

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This is a screen shot of me actually playing fortnite. I'm not kidding. I played the game to get a screen shot.

In Defense of Fortnite

I know, I know. Put down your pitchforks. Screen time for young children is the modern-day equivalent of giving your kid a sip of beer, but hear me out. We’ve all seen the studies: too much screen time is bad. How much is too much? No idea. Is certain screen time better than others? Maybe. […]

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Am I Qualified for This?

Am I Qualified for Parenting?

We all have those moments in mommyhood where we question ourselves. Did I give the right advice? Did I give the right punishment for the crime? Am I holding my kids’ hand too much or not enough? For me lately the question has been, “Am I really qualified for parenthood and all it entails?” Being […]

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Motherhood 101_

Motherhood 101: Advice from an Old Amateur

I only have one child, but I’m still a professional mom. I mean, really, anyone who calls themselves an actual mom should automatically be classed as a pro, right? However, the interwebs tell me that professionals (at least when you’re referring to athletes) are people who get paid for their gig and last I checked, […]

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