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I'm Not Raising Nice Girls

I’m Not Raising “Nice” Girls

My daughter doesn’t want to go to after-school childcare. There’s a girl there that keeps telling her she can’t play with other kids, who makes her feel badly for having other friends, and who threatens to take away “privileges” like birthday invitations if she doesn’t follow orders. When my daughter told the childcare workers that she […]

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Mom Guide

Mom Guide: Toddler Fashion

It’s back to school time. Fresh haircuts, new (read: unstained) outfits, shiny shoes, dreams of your children looking neat and put together. Sadly, this only lasts about five minutes before you realize you don’t live in fantasy Stepford children dream land. Between growing a child in utero and this maniac toddler, I do well to shower once a week, […]

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Everything Is a Phase

You get plenty of advice any time you enter into a new phase of your adult life. There are books and websites and blogs and magazines devoted to guiding prospective students, newlyweds, first time home or car buyers, entrepreneurs, and divorcees. But I would argue that there is no milestone that solicits more advice, both […]

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