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Leading like a Mother

Leading Like a Mother

The most exhausting part of being a mom is always being the boss. As a stay-at-home mom of two, I’m always in control: making decisions, planning outings, making appointments, deciding what to cook for dinner, and purchasing goods. And those are just the administrative decisions. Then there are the actual childcare decisions, like should I […]

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Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe

My feelings regarding personal safety changed when I became a mother. The instinctual “mother bear” emotions came to life, but at the same time my easy-going personality was challenged to decide whether I was overreacting or dutifully protecting my children. Even more interesting, my awareness of my surroundings seemed to lessen when I was alone. […]

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When the Lights Go Down

When I first heard the phrase, “When the lights go down,” I’d always also hear the lyrics below from Faith Hill’s song. However, this song came out before I became a mother. Now that I am a mom, these words have a new meaning. Maybe to you, as well? “When the lights go down and there’s […]

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Mom with Children

Caring for Tricycles to Wheelchairs :: Moms Caught in the Middle

I watched my friend’s profile as she spoke. The subtle way she bowed her head. Her nearly translucent eyelashes blinking away the afternoon sunlight. Her hands silently wrapping and unwrapping a Kleenex. Comforting and caring for a friend was the easiest thing in the world for Lena. I was moved by her voice, the words […]

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