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Widowed Momma

To the Widowed Momma

Being a widow at 20-years-old was not in my childhood, prince charming-filled dreams. Neither was becoming a mom at 18 years of age. The people who were around after the funeral told me that being a widow must feel a lot like a divorce. I believe that was their way of being empathetic. I had […]

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I belong to Me

I Belong to Me

I recently read a book by one of my favorite authors, Brené Brown. The first chapter resonated with me deeply. It was about wanting to belong, having the feeling of belonging, and then experiencing the pain of loss upon realizing that we don’t in fact belong. The chapter also describes adjusting whom we are in […]

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Further Up And Further In: Getting Hard Things Done

Further Up and Further In: Getting Hard Stuff Done {Series}

Around mile 10 of my first half-marathon, my legs decided they’d had enough. I had been warned by strangers in blog posts more experienced runners that mile 10 was a brick wall. At some point in a distance race, your mind and/or body start to protest – loudly. And sure enough, with just a few […]

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