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Small Space, Lots of Kids

I have children who go wide-eyed when we visit people at their houses. These homes usually have so much space! Everyone has their own bedroom! There are yards! Pets! It’s somewhat astonishing to my 7-, 5-, and 3-year old, who have been raised living on campus at Baylor School here in Chattanooga. We moved on campus […]

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Empty Pockets, Full Hearts

Ten months ago I quit working my paying job. And now we’re basically poor. Let’s go back a little bit. When my son was born, I took twelve weeks of maternity leave then returned to work for two months before deciding (with my husband) to quit work indefinitely. I just couldn’t get right in my […]

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Extracurriculars-Rethinking the packed schedule

Extracurriculars: Rethinking the Packed Schedule

Our weekly schedule typically looks like this: get up, go to work/school, come home from work/school, do your choice of activity around the house, eat dinner, have family time (we go for walks or read books), and go to bed. On weekends, it’s much the same. And I love it. To be honest, when I see […]

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