Celebrating the Moments Between the Dash

Celebrating the Moments between the dash

4We all like to be celebrated. Even if you say you don’t, deep down inside, you do. I know you do. We are all human and we like to know we are loved and we need to be acknowledged. Not in a needy sort of way, just in a human, we all need to love and be loved kind of way, whatever that looks like for you.

For that reason, and many more, we celebrate birthdays in our house ALL WEEK! 

I don’t remember where I first read about celebrating a birthday week, but as soon as I read about it, I knew I wanted to do it for my family! It is a great way to instill memories and great way to say “I love you” in countless ways, whatever the person’s love language might be.  

This week was my husband’s birthday and I wanted to give him so much more then I could. We did celebrate though! Celebrations do not have to mean lavish dinners and expensive weekend trips or over the top birthday parties. Those are all fine in their time and place, but for the average family, finances may prevent lavish over the top celebrations every year. The more important point, no matter how old or young, is that we celebrate these moments.

I am currently obsessed with the show The Middle. (If you are a mom of any age, you need to watch this show; it is hilarious!) In one episode, the father is speaking at his brother’s wedding (see the full clip here). He states “We are all going to have a gravestone with a dash on it…That dash represents your life. Because of…my family, that dash will have meant something.”

I want my dash to mean something.

I want to leave a legacy of memories and celebrations. It is because of my family — my dash — that my life does mean something. That is worth living for me and it is more than worth celebrating. You may not choose to celebrate a birthday week like we do, but we should all celebrate our family and loved ones!

To help you get started, I am going to share my list of favorite ways to celebrate:

  1. Cooking a favorite meal or dessert

  2. Going out to a favorite restaurant

  3. Lunch dates

  4. Ice cream date (or make your own)

  5. Doing a special craft or project with your child

  6. Let your loved one sleep in

  7. Read a book together

  8. Daddy/daughter date or mommy/daughter/son date — you get the picture

  9. Movie night

  10. Basket of surprises each day (I did this for my daughter one year; my supplies came from the Dollar Tree)

  11. Massages (DIY or professional)

  12. Favorite soda or special drink

  13. Leave love notes in random places or in a child’s lunch box and backpack

  14. Stop whatever you are doing and sit next to your spouse on the couch

  15. Look at old photos together and share favorite memories

  16. Look at the stars and moon together (my husband does this for our children on a semi-regular basis)

  17. Plan an activity for your loved one, one that you do not necessarily enjoy

  18. Clean the house (men, this would be a good one for you!)

What are some ways you celebrate your loved ones? I would love to know how you celebrate life and all the moments in between the dash!

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