Swole Mama: A Review on Planet Fitness


Let’s face it: winter is coming and we are going to be looking to stay warm. What better way than working out? Considering that we are in East Tennessee and we still have a few weeks before the cool weather officially arrives, now is the time to find the perfect place to get your work out on. 

Just like the waxing industry, the gym industry seems to be booming during this time. I am sure most of the thanks will go to people trying to recover from feasting like a champion during the holiday season. Thanks pumpkin pie. Plus, if we take the time to get our “swole on” now, come summertime we can just focus on being outdoors and having fun. So if you feel like this applies to you, stay tuned.

I recently had the opportunity to tour and join Planet Fitness and I am here to tell you I am excited for winter to be here so I have an excuse to work out indoors. No matter what your workout entails, Planet Fitness is the place for you to be, and here’s why:

You Can Be You

Planet Fitness’ motto encourages a judgment-free zone. In a world where people feel the need to make judgments almost as often as they open their mouth, it’s nice to be in an undemanding environment. Immediately upon walking in, I was greeted with smiles and helpful hands. As I did my happy dance for receiving a free tee shirt when signing up for a membership, no judgments were made. Instead, they rejoiced with me. Which is a big deal! Who doesn’t want a free shirt?!

Furthermore, the gym manager told me about a very cool online platform (kind of like Facebook for Planet Fitness), which allows members to share their fitness story. This virtual gym goes beyond the walls of the gym, allowing members to create a Planet Fitness profile where they can display and track their goals. Other members can offer words of encouragement and tips. Before you know it, you have a Planet Fitness family of your very own. If new family is not enough, listen to this: just for coming to the gym you earn points that ultimately win you prizes. Woohoo!

Upon entering Planet Fitness you will find their motto on the wall for all members to see and be reminded of.

Upon entering Planet Fitness you will find their motto on the wall for all members to see.

Help Is Available

While almost all gyms have a Gym Trainer providing extra assistance, Planet Fitness includes two workout circuits that are easy to do on your own. With the help of clear pictures you are able to know how to work the equipment properly. The first workout circuit is a 30-minute full-body workout. In this area of the gym a stoplight is present, along with over 15 numbered and different body stations. Starting at one, you would work your way to the last station. Rotations are timed according to the stoplight — working out during the green light and taking time to move and set-up at the next station during red. The second workout circuit includes a full ab station with the same concept, but only takes 12 minutes to work our every area of your abdominals. For busy moms who want to spend under an hour at the gym, these stations are perfect. 

Me partaking in the full body workout circuit working on my biceps.

Here I am in the full-body workout circuit focusing on my biceps.



Ready. Set. Workout.


The inventor of Planet Fitness thought of everything. I guess that is why there are over a thousand locations worldwide. From blow-dryers in the bathroom and iPhone chargers in the equipment itself, Planet Fitness wants everything to be convenient. A personal trainer is available almost always during the day. Not only are there specific training sessions, but also special times in which members can receive help setting up a workout routine customized to their needs and goals. 

Although this gym does not have daycare, they are open 24/7. The manager feels that this was done especially for busy folks, moms being high on that list. With other gyms you have to fit a gym time into your schedule based on the hours in which they are open, but not with Planet Fitness. Having full access all hours of the day, you can come when it’s best for you. Even at 5am. Do you have insomnia and can’t sleep? Come for a quick 30-minute midnight workout and then go to sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation physical activity impacts the overall quality of sleep. It’s all up to you.

No matter where in Chattanooga you are, there are multiple locations where you can purchase your membership: Perimeter Drive, Hixson, and Fort Ogelthorpe. All 24/7.

Bonus Perks:

If there is nothing else that will catch your eye this will — if you upgrade to a Planet Fitness Black Card the following luxuries are available to you:

  • Nationwide Use: No matter where you travel, you have access to a gym with no extra cost. This is good for up to 10 visits each month.
  • Guest Privileges: You are allowed to bring a friend for free. So split the cost, and have a gym buddy while using the extra goodies. WIN-WIN, if I say so myself. 
  • Unlimited Tanning: They have several stand-up and lay-down tanning beds, and you can plug in your phone and listen to music thanks to the attached boom box.
  • Unlimited Red Light Therapy: This was so COOL! This machine requires you to stand and just by standing, the vibrators give you a workout without you moving. In addition, the Red Light Therapy helps skin from aging and with acne.
  • Unlimited Use of Massage Chairs: Not only do they have massage chairs (the typical ones you find in the nail salons), but they also have a massage bed where you can get a full-body massage. Laying on a gel bed, water shoots up giving you a massage you can only dream of! A screen is attached so you can play games, listen to music, as well as control which part of your body you is massaged.
  • Cool Drinks: You can always purchase drinks from the cooler, but with the Black Card everything is 1/2 price. 

While using the Massage Table, this is the screen you will be able to access. It’s so easy to use!

Even if you have a gym membership I urge you to check out Planet Fitness. You might just fall in love! Finding a place where you can workout in a judgment-free zone is very rewarding. To join you can either visit a Planet Fitness branch or Planet Fitness.

So, let’s get our “swole on” at Planet Fitness this winter!

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