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New year, new you, right or is it? Each year moms make the resolution to be healthier versions of our current selves. Then life happens, and our resolutions often get pushed to the back burner. Here at Chattanooga Moms Blog, we feel your pain, which is why we are excited to bring you the Guide to Working Out in Chattanooga. We have categorized each of Chattanooga’s fitness options to help you find one that works for YOU. Maybe you need a gym with childcare, one that works for the entire family, or one that won’t break the budget. Whatever it is, you’ll find it on our comprehensive list. Now is the time to get moving for – not only you, but for your entire family. We firmly believe a healthy mom is a happy mom and we want ALL of our readers to find happiness in 2018!

Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym

Strength comes in many forms, and since 1965 Gold’s Gym helped people around the world find theirs. Rich in tradition and a firm commitment to helping people achieve their potential through fitness, our worldwide locations are home to the most diverse group of exercise classes and amenities in the industry. Combine that with our best-in-the-business personal trainers and you have an unmatched fitness experience.

With four convenient Chattanooga locations to serve you, it is time to build your legacy of strength. Your journey starts today.

getBuilt Chattanooga Crossfit

get built women

getBUILT Chattanooga CrossFit is Chattanooga’s oldest CrossFit gym. After opening our doors in 2008, we have spent the last ten years training all kinds of athletes, from very fit to very inexperienced in the “gym scene.” We have always been a family friendly business, and in just the last four years, our athletes have added over 30 kids to their families.  We have a long history of keeping our athletes safe while doing CrossFit, and are especially aware of the considerations that need to be taken for pregnant and postpartum women.  Our fundamental belief is that CrossFit is fitness for everyone. Our workouts are comprised of constantly varied, functional movements (like pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, and running) executed at high intensity. We want to help YOU reach YOUR specific goals–however lofty or humble they are. 

-Contact information — Katrina Fomich, [email protected], 423.667.0536

-class offerings and facility details.-Get Built offers group CrossFit classes, cardio conditioning classes, and group and one-on-one personal training. Our facility has a small kids area where your littles can chill out and read, play with small toys/devices, or watch their parents train, while parents can keep an eye on them. Many parents bring their kids in strollers and keep their kiddos close by on our basketball court/turf area while they workout. During the summer, we offer CrossFit kids classes. 

getBUILT is one of only fourteen businesses in Hamilton county registered with the “Breastfeeding Welcomed Here” campaign, to support our new moms.  

301 W Main St Chattanooga, Tennessee 37408

I Love Kickboxing

I Love Kickboxing

BOREDOM is the #1 reason people stop working out! 

Don’t let dull workouts squash your progress;  join the fitness family that KICKS up the ENERGY and EXCITEMENT!

1309 Panorama Drive Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421

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