Chattanooga Birthday Party Spots

Chattanooga Birthday Party Spots

Birthday parties can be such an exciting and stressful experience, primarily for moms. From those of us who try to minimize birthday and party stress to those of us with grandiose party planning skills, we all feel the need to give our children a chance to celebrate. Personally, I think moms deserve the celebration just as much as the kids do, since we’re the ones keeping everybody alive and fed for another full trip around the sun.

The options listed below show the wide range of what Chattanooga has to offer, and I hope there’s something for everybody in this list. Obviously these locations and ideas range in price, but as is often the case, sometimes you get what you pay for. That said, if nothing beats your church fellowship hall, your backyard, or your neighborhood park, celebrate with your own style!

Here is my updated breakdown of birthday party spots, split up into various categories. Happy partying!

For the animal lover

If your child is an animal lover, Chattanooga has quite a few options to allow for an animal theme or experience! 

For the artist

If your child is focused on creating, whether it is painting or drawing, Chattanooga has some great party spots!

Painting with a Twist

For the food lover

What’s a birthday party without some food? Why not plan a whole party around it? Check out these places to celebrate with a food theme!

For the enthusiastic learner

If your child is more focused on science, hobbies, or learning experiences, Chattanooga has those to choose from as well! Take your astronaut or train conductor on an adventure!

For the water bug

What could be better than a pool party? Indoors or outdoors, Chattanooga has you covered.

Warner Park Spray Park

Warner Park Spray Park.

For the outdoor enthusiast

Chattanooga is known for its outdoorsy feel, and there are plenty of places around to embrace that — why not include the outdoors in a birthday party?

For the sporty/active kid

Jumping, climbing, running, golfing, bowling — you can do it all! Check out these great locations for an active birthday adventure!


Showing off a foul ball from a Lookouts game!

For the dancer/gymnastic/expressive child

What about the ones that don’t fit in a category?

Seriously, there were so many other amazing option that didn’t seem to fit in one of these groups. It just shows how many opportunities you have to give your child an amazing birthday experience!

So how did I do? Please tell me what I missed, so I can add it to this growing list of options. Enjoy all the planning and partying, friends, because the birthdays just keep coming!

Birthday Meme

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