The Montessori School and the “Love and Logic” Approach

Each school year The Montessori School plans a robust Parent Education program as part of its commitment to the community. The program consists of speakers, panels, and seminars meant to offer additional resources to parents and educators. The year, TMS is excited to host Dr. Charles Fay at the Bessie Smith Hall on Friday, September 22, 2017 from 7-9pm.

The Montessori School Love and Logic

Dr. Fay is an internationally recognized researcher, author, and speaker on the subject of “Love and Logic.” Millions of educators, mental health professionals, and parents have benefited from his practical approach to the most common parenting and education issues. These recommendations have come directly from his years of research and clinical experience serving youth and their families in schools and homes.

The “Love and Logic” approach to parenting recommends techniques for developing caring and respectful relationships that will support self-confident, motivated children. These tools include setting and enforcing limits with compassion and empathy, while encouraging independence and good choice making.

According to the “Love and Logic” website, Dr. Fay’s findings and research focus on the following:

  • Respect, appreciation and love prevent potential problems.
    When students feel respected, appreciated and even loved by their teachers, they are far more motivated and cause far fewer problems. 
  • Freedom to problem-solve and make decisions fosters motivation.
    Students are far calmer and more motivated when their teachers allow them to make choices and solve their own problems within limits. 
  • Focusing energy on problem prevention is rewarding.
    Successful educators focus most of their energy on simple tools for preventing misbehavior or keeping it small…rather than trying to provide consequences for every problem.
  • Showing empathy and compassion is effective.
    When consequences are necessary, effective educators provide them with sincere empathy or compassion. 

Teachers at The Montessori School use the “Love and Logic” approach in the classrooms and on the playground. When parents see their children successfully making good choices and correcting their own mistakes, they will often take the techniques for use at home as well.

Empathy and respect are the starting point for all interactions, and children are encouraged to own their actions and the consequences. When supported by the adults in their lives, children often feel secure enough to make independent choices. The point is ultimately to raise healthy, secure adults.

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