Go Mama, GO!

You know those videos that fast-forward through someone’s day, or even a week, to reveal how exhausting their time has been? And everything just keeps coming and coming, and it seems like there is no end until everything suddenly stops? Oh yeah, you do. All of us mothers do. Waking up to baby, to then cleanup ongoing messes, cook meals, run errands, all while trying to survive.

Ever since I rejoined the workforce I’ve got to admit: I feel defeated. 

Being a stay at home mom was equally as much work, but sometimes I could not shower and it would be acceptable. Sometimes I could hit the snooze button and hand my toddler an iPhone for entertainment and things would be ok. Even more so, I found that even though I was depressed entirely too much, and deprived of sleep and grown-up time, I was at the brink of reaching a new level of understanding of how to be able to function as a stay at home mom.

Everything has begun all over again now that I am a working mom. And just a little side note: Just like us stay at home moms talked 24/7 about our babies, and what it was like to be a stay at home mom, the same goes when you start working.  

Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely adore my job and the people for whom I work, but trying to give 100% of myself to work and to my family has been EXHAUSTING. And all those shortcuts I tended to forgo as a stay at home mom because they didn’t represent “enough thought” or “perfection,” have now become part of my everyday reality. 

No longer do I take the time to cook from-scratch meals or actually read a full article. Never do I have the luxury to make sure all my notes are scribbled beautifully, or catch up with all my friends and family on a daily basis. I can barely hold my own let alone my family. 

But I have to. Simple as that. So I will do so.

This is the year that I embrace the quickies. You’ve got something fast and appealing, send it my way. I always need to save time when working on a project.

Now that I have painted the picture clearly — not that all you moms can’t already relate — here are some tricks and gadgets that I either already utilize or will very shortly:

On The Go Charger: No longer do I have time to think. Seriously. If it weren’t for Google, I would have no saving grace. So my phone needs to be charging on the go, 24/7. 

Tile Tracker: With a little one in the house it seems like the most fun is only happening when mom’s keys are hidden. Installing a tracker on my keys will guarantee I will always be able to find them when I am running out the door. 

Hidratespark: I am so engrossed in what needs to happen that I forget the most basic necessity: Water. I currently do not own one of these gadgets, but I will very soon. This water bottle can sync with your phone to help you know when you need to drink some water. And if you just need something to make you smile, it glows!

Canary: I am the mom who hovers and I am proud to admit it. I will be able to answer questions when my little one is older because I try to be aware of all the moments. So when I am at work I find myself becoming sad at the thought of missing everything. With Canary, a home security camera with app, I’ll be able to check in on my little one. Yes we have Skype, but with this device I can be part of my child’s life from afar, all while keeping the device on mute.

No matter what type of mama you are, I think these gadgets can be useful. No matter what stage we are in as moms, we always need more time.

Do you have any gadgets that have been lifesavers? Please comment below to let me know! As Dory from Finding Nemo would say, “Just Keep Swimming.”

Everything will work itself out. 

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