St. Peter’s Episcopal School Provides Educational Achievement and Loving Care

St. Peter’s Episcopal School is a place of both advanced educational achievement and loving, nurturing care. We focus on the young child, with small classes for preschool through fifth grade. Our experienced teachers foster each child’s personal gifts through the best in cutting-edge, tailored programming like Guided Reading and My Math, alongside traditional programs like cursive writing. St. Peter’s balances these academic initiatives with performing arts for all ages, PE and daily recess, and original outdoor programs like Trailwise and organic gardening, which connect our kids to the natural world.

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St. Peter’s Episcopal School is Chattanooga’s only school with a true language immersion option. Language immersion is much more than just a few hours of language instruction a week. Immersion is a 360-degree program that has been proven to produce fluency. With the help of national experts add.a.lingua, St. Peter’s is the area’s first and only school to offer a language immersion choice starting in pre-school that carefully covers both Spanish and traditional curriculum goals.

St. Peter’s is also Chattanooga’s only school with groundbreaking partnerships that offer added value for our families. For example, the Creative Discovery Museum provides programming and staff for afterschool care, which means families know that students are getting STEM activities, exercise, and help with homework until it’s time to go home. St. Peter’s is also Chattanooga’s only school to partner with Whole Foods for lunch. With the help of an in-house chef, our kids can choose from a hot lunch or healthy sandwich option – all peanut free. We even include our own produce. Or kids may choose to bring lunch from home, an option not all schools allow.

Our connection to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church means that we foster our students’ lively faith (whatever their faith background may be) and joy in serving others. St. Peter’s students are involved in community service projects throughout the year. Whether it is raising money for a Heifer International purchase, collecting thousands of pounds of food for the Community Kitchen, or performing for elderly community members, St. Peter’s kids know the value of caring for our community and living out God’s love.

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Through weekly birthday blessings in chapel, Spirit Day assemblies on Friday mornings, Post Office letters between students, and Reading Buddies, St. Peter’s students also learn the importance of serving their peers. St. Peter’s students are taught to lift each other up, celebrate hard work, and show care and gentleness to younger school mates.

If you are looking for a unique combination of programming in a warm, loving setting at a price point well below other primary schools, call us at St. Peter’s to schedule a tour (423-870-1794).

“St. Peter’s is not only academically exceptional, but also a place where children are happy and encouraged to discover their own gifts. It is not surprising that the key word for your school is wonder.”  – Dr. Herb Barks, former head of Baylor School

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