Best Chattanooga Family Indoor Activities to Help You Survive the Winter

Being a mom during the winter months can be rough. Chapped lips, runny noses and an endless supply of lost hats can drive even the most together mama to the brink of insanity. To make matters worse, cold weather means 1000% more indoor time. In my house this usually means no one changes out of pajamas […]

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CMB Team

Happy Chattanooga Moms Blog Launch Day!

We are so excited that the big day is FINALLY HERE! The Chattanooga Moms Blog site is now LIVE and ready to connect moms in the Chattanooga area. What will you find here? You’ll find resources for around town, events…guides for preschools, summer camps, birthday parties, kids eat free, dentists, pediatricians, and all things fun […]

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My “Mommy Brain” Blunders

Lately I forget many things, but I remember the day it happened. I was leaving an OB appointment when I was pregnant with my first baby. I was stopped at a traffic light stationed at the Parkridge Hospital exit, waiting to turn left across McCallie Avenue. Feeling an impatient urge to go, I gunned it. Yes, that’s right! I turned left […]

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