Revitalize and Recharge with Vida-Flo {Review}

Disclaimer: The friendly folks at Vida-Flo were nice enough to gift three of our Chattanooga Moms Blog contributors (Melissa, Beth, and Danielle) with a free IV hydration treatment in exchange for a review. The opinions here are entirely our own.

Since three of us are sharing our thoughts about our experience at Vida-Flo, we’ve color-coded our reviews, which are interspersed throughout this post: Melissa’s in green, Beth’s in blue, and Danielle’s in red.

I booked an appointment without knowing what to expect. I was able to go to the Vida-Flo website and see the different options available. I quickly realized that Vida-Flo would be a great place to complement my wellness routine. My family and I practice staying well instead of trying to catch up whenever sick. It was good to see that Vida-Flo has the same philosophy.

Upon entering Vida-Flo, I was struck by how calm and appealing the space was. The receptionist told me that the goal was a calm, serene spa-like atmosphere, and they nailed it! Comfortable furniture, soothing colors, and good reading material were located in both the waiting room and the treatment rooms.

Vida Flo Review

After a brief personal questionnaire, I was led into a room with reclining chairs, natural light, and a TV that was playing Parks and Recreation. I was sold. The ladies at Vida-Flo gave me a chance to look over the brochure and choose a treatment that would suit my needs. They have many options (stress relief, hangover relief, immune system booster, etc.) with addition add-ins like vitamins or medications. The receptionist and the nurse were both helpful with questions and concerns.

As a busy mom, I opted for several different vitamins. And because I practice completely holistic care, I opted out of any synthetics such as Zofran and Toradol. Vida-Glo and Wellness & Energize were the treatments I chose.

I was given a recliner to sit in with a comfy blanket; that alone made it the most relaxing hour of my weekend! The nurse who started my IV had just retired from working in a hospital for 40 years, so she was a pro at starting the IV and that was a breeze.  

Then, I just kicked back and relaxed. A funny part to note is that right when the fluids start running, I sensed the taste of a Flinstones vitamin in my mouth, which the nurse told me is normal. It took about 45 minutes from start to finish, during which time I watched some shows, took a selfie or two, and I was done!  

The real question is…did it work?

I did this treatment at the start of an incredibly busy weekend, and I’m glad that I did. I spent the weekend running from one commitment to the next and my energy never waned. I know this is due to the extra vitamins from Vida-Flo!

I left feeling energized and great. The experience was great. While some people might use this as the perfect hangover cure (I pictured a line of college guys after a party weekend), it would be really great to rehydrate after a marathon or major workout, or if you have been sick with something like the stomach bug and need some help to bounce back faster. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone needing a boost of rehydration. I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing the experience was.

I will most likely be returning and paying a very low monthly fee to have vitamin B shots. I felt energized enough that day, ready to clean my house from top to bottom. I felt less brain fog the day following. It was a nice compliment to help along my hormones and blah feeling from a monthly cycle.

Thank you Vida-Flo for providing three busy moms with a new way to energize and replenish. With so many customizable packages, Vida-Flo is a good fit for anyone. Contact them today to get started!

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