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The Effects of Social Media on Girls

Katey McPherson, executive director of the Gurian Institute, an organization committed to providing training and support to parents and educators, will speak to parents about their daughter’s digital citizenship. Teens today remain tethered to their electronic devices as they study and communicate across a digital platform with worldwide access. On a positive note, a host of information is a click away. Realistically, that constant connectedness leaves them vulnerable to outside influences and a continuous stream of feedback from friends.

McPherson’s area of expertise includes a focus on technology and social media use in teens. Concerns to be addressed include how use of social media can produce anxiety and emotional isolation while negatively affecting neural pathways and body image. McPherson also will devote special attention to how boys and girls use online platforms differently and tips for parents to keep open the lines of communication with their girls. The ultimate goal: girls cultivate an online presence that promotes student success while protecting them from the hidden dangers of online predation and pitfalls.

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Tech-Savvy or Tech-Obsessed? Raising a Post-Millennial Generation

No one who knows me now will believe this, but I spent more time outside when I was younger than inside. In fact, my best memories from early childhood in Charleston all take place in the great outdoors. We didn’t have cable, but we weren’t allowed to watch anything other than select PBS programming, anyway. […]

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